29 03, 2019

How does this marketer eat the elephant? The truth on how I tailor a step-by-step client marketing system

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As a marketer I spend so much time working for my clients and building free resources to share, that I often don’t make enough time for my business (my baby). Every year I give myself a big project, an elephant to eat, which I take tiny bites from all year long, I’m sure you do [...]

19 12, 2018

Show me the money! Why your marketing is an investment not an expense

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When it comes to marketing, crunching the numbers counts. As a small business owner, it’s critical that you see marketing not as an expense but as an investment. But how do you make that mindset shift? By understanding how much a lead and a sale costs your business and what the return from that investment [...]

27 01, 2018

The ultimate target market checklist to boost your bottom line.

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Speaking to business owners all day, everyday as I do, I often hear it said that ‘everyone is my target market.’ But the fact is, this is not the case, especially if you are a small business with limited resources and minimal marketing budget! As a business owner it is integral to your success that [...]

21 01, 2017

Attention Not for profits – Marketing is not a dirty word!

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 ‘Not for Profits will need to adapt to the changing funding environment and the new world of consumer-directed care in order to flourish and survive. ' Senator Mitch Fifield, the Federal Assistant Minister for Social Services. (2014) ‘Marketing’ your not-for-profit When I first started to write this blog, over two years ago, I wanted to [...]

10 10, 2016

Marketing is your DNA

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Real marketing is built into what you do not tacked on at the end. Marketing done well, is not something you bolt on when everything else has been decided. Marketing is in the DNA of your business - your product, your staff, your customer. Marketing is not a department, it is a business process that [...]

18 04, 2016

Digital is Dead! Long Live Digital!

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It seems that more and more these days, I am asked to weigh in on digital marketing; social media, Ad Words, programmatic and SEO.  I believe that the major driver for businesses’ ‘digital fascination’ is, or should I say was, free marketing. Because many social media platforms have been free to use for such a long period [...]