29 03, 2019

How does this marketer eat the elephant? The truth on how I tailor a step-by-step client marketing system

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As a marketer I spend so much time working for my clients and building free resources to share, that I often don’t make enough time for my business (my baby). Every year I give myself a big project, an elephant to eat, which I take tiny bites from all year long, I’m sure you do [...]

30 04, 2018

How To Be SEO Smart To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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How To Be SEO Smart To Drive Traffic To Your Site As the biggest Search Engine in the world with more than 2 billion searches a day, google presents an incredible platform for reaching an audience and tapping into this immense search traffic. The aim for any business online - big or small - is to [...]

29 03, 2018

The Power Of Storytelling In Social Media

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Storytelling always has, and always will be the #1 tool in your arsenal to capture an audience. When Mark Zuckerburg announced Facebook would change its news feed algorithm to prioritise content from “friends, family and groups” he bought all the power back to quality content in social media. Question: As social media algorithms focus on sponsored [...]

14 10, 2015

Is your marketing magnetic???

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Are you still using traditional marketing to push your product onto people through advertising, tradeshows and direct marketing - which is costly and difficult to measure? Traditional marketing methods ‘push’ your product on to people. It is rather like a shotgun approach – shooting out as many bullets as you can, in the hope that [...]

12 06, 2015

Marketing Magazine chooses M:S blog as ‘editor’s choice,’ in the ‘disrupt’ edition.

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The Marketing Sense blog, posted earlier this year has been published as 'Editor's Choice,' in the June/July 2015 edition, of the no. 1 magazine for 45,000 marketers in Australia. The article, written by Sara Berry, about digital disruption in the business environment, looks at data privacy, customer focused organisations and trust in the digital age. [...]

24 04, 2015

Inbound marketing – slow and steady wins the race!

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When I first started out on my journey of inbound marketing, nine months ago, to raise awareness of the Marketing Sense brand and generate leads - blogging, publishing and posting to social, I had some great ‘theory’ behind me. Well-honed marketing skills I have, but inbound marketing was a whole new realm for me. When [...]

26 01, 2015

Real world tips for content marketing

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This week I was asked by a local business to give some tips on how to create great ‘real world’ social media strategies. In fact this is something I get asked a great deal. The inquiry went something like this: ‘There is so much information out there on digital marketing, social media and online strategies; [...]